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Final Fantasy Unlimited After – Hypothetical Adventure!

ffu-a-1.jpgThis is is the start of our coverage of FFU’s “Season 2.” If you’re here from the TVTropes link, and are also interested in the anime itself, our coverage of every episode starts here!

For a series that was cancelled before it was even finished, one might be surprised just how much spinoff content Final Fantasy Unlimited actually has. The FFWiki lists no less than seven unique spinoff products, none of which were ever officially released in North America. Thankfully, there are detailed fan summaries of four of the spinoffs, and we’re going to piece them together to get a look at the lost second season.

But before we get started with “Season 2″… what about those other three spinoffs? They took place during the main narrative, and I’m going to… ah… shove them under the rug before we get started. For all I know, they may not even be post-cancellation? In any event, I wasn’t able to find any detailed summaries about these three spinoffs, which is a convenient coincidence, but there are reasons that no one ever bothered.