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Final Fantasy Unlimited After – Death to Boats!

Spiral 5 begins a series of flashbacks that occur at the beginning of all the remaining spirals. They concern Touya and Yu rescuing a sick puppy when they were in grade school, and I don’t see much sense in covering them in detail. They’re mostly here to show what close friends the two of them used to be. I’ll cut to the chase: even though Yu is more invested in the puppy, Touya decides to adopt the pup in in the end, since Yu’s parents wouldn’t allow a dog. Even the youngest reader will probably be able to predict that the dog will show up later in the season. Great, let’s move on.

We return to Soljashy and Touya, and Soljashy sets up a meeting with Touya, offering to tell him the truth about what happened in Wonderland if he’s interested. It’s clear this is going to be a Faustian bargain. He schedules their meeting for the morning, just before Touya’s scheduled meet-up with the twins.


Final Fantasy Unlimited After – Dualcast Summon Bazooka

Chobi helps the party escape C2’s headquarters, along with Kaze. Now that she’s learned Soljashy is not on their side, Lisa decides to tell the kids about her friend Dolk. She notes that Soljashy not only resembles Dolk, but said a few things Dolk did in similar situations, making her strongly suspect that Soljashy really is Dolk under some sort of possession or mind control. Furthermore, she recovered Soljashy’s keychain after Kaze started shooting at him, and discovered it was the same keychain she gave Dolk as a gift, which seems to clinch things. She also tells them about their friendship: Dolk helped Lisa as a newbie member of C2, and in return, she helped Dolk deal with the fact that he’s naturally forgetful, and sort of doofus.

Setting up a plot element for later, we flashback to a scene where young Lisa hurt someone using her Kigen Arts, and she had a breakdown. Dolk comforted her, but also reminded her that her powers weren’t meant to be used to harm. Ai intuits that Lisa may have been in love with Dolk, and we gradually learn that she’s correct!


Final Fantasy Unlimited After – Hypothetical Adventure!

This is is the start of our coverage of FFU’s “Season 2.” If you’re interested in the anime itself, our coverage of that starts here!

For a series that was cancelled before it was even finished, you might be surprised just how much spinoff content Final Fantasy Unlimited actually has. The FFWiki lists no less than seven unique spinoff products, none of which were ever officially released in North America. Thankfully, there are detailed fan summaries of four of the spinoffs, and we’re going to piece them together to get a look at the lost second season.

But before we get started with “Season 2″… what about those three spinoffs that didn’t get summaries? Unfortunately, we don’t know much about them, so I’m going to… ah… shove them under the rug before we get started. As you’re about to see, in two of the cases, there are reasons that no one ever bothered to give them a summary.