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Final Fantasy Marathon Look-Back, Part 1

Since we wrapped up the FFVI Journal last week, we decided to take the opportunity to do a celebration here at Marathon Recaps and look back over the past two eras of Final Fantasy: the 8-bit and 16-bit eras. And it won’t just be me because, for the first time you’ll be hearing Kyle’s thoughts directly from the source! With many of these games, it’s been years since we last played them, and we wondered if a good look back might have changed out opinions. So here’s the plan: this week, Kyle and I will alternate talking about each game, giving some time-aged insight into each. Next week, we’ll be back with two Top 5 lists each: our Top 5 Worst and Top 5 Best Moments in the Marathon! Be sure to be back for that!


Final Fantasy Legend III – Corrupting our Precious Bodily Fluids

ffliii-2016-03-02-13h18m32s356.pngFinally ready, we gathered our stuff and began the long climb, working our way through the smaller mountains around Mt. Goht and taking advantage all the healing springs located there. The Masters should have taken those out long ago. At the last of these, the party noticed it was at a dead end, only for the Talon to appear and firebomb the shit out of the mountain, levelling that section of the range. Borgin explained to the flabbergasted party that the Talon’s aforementioned human brain was still hard at work, and explicitly identified the brain as having belonged to Arthur’s father. You can easily fill in the pieces from here but the game sits on that for the time being. For now, we headed east, having conveniently taken shelter at the place that magically became the entrance to the new passageway moments later. Isn’t life great? (more…)

Final Fantasy Legend III – Boom

ffliii-2016-02-26-19h00m51s482.pngWe picked up the game outside the Dwelg village, and headed west to the twin Western Towers. There, Kyle stumbled on the only treasures we really wanted (a Fire stone and the Crystal segment of the final Mystic Sword) in under five minutes. In fact, this was so fast that I don’t think he worked out what was up with the Towers and I forgot to tell him! Here’s the deal: the Towers are linked at the top by a bridge, and past that bridge is a device that actually reverses gravity and puts you on the Towers’ ceilings. The Fire Stone is at the top of one tower (a room you might miss if you head for the obvious bridge door), and the Crystal is on the ceiling of the first floor of the other tower. I’ve always been impressed with how well the low-res platform communicates this gimmick but it probably helps if you stick around long enough to check it out! Maybe if there had been a third valuable item on the bottom floor of the second tower, instead of a Cure3 potion. (more…)

Final Fantasy Legend III – The Power of The Masters and These Bananas

ffliii-2016-02-24-02h39m10s956.pngBuzi abandoned us almost the moment after we lost our sweet ride, and the rest of us limped north to Talonsburg, a town that had been constructed by the advance team from our World. Unsurprisingly, it was just a small base and a runway, but since so many people seem to know about it, it’s confusing that it hasn’t been taken out yet. Inside, we found Dr. Quacer, who told us that the last member of the party, Borgin, had already gone ahead to Goht, the continent housing the final Masters. Unfortunately, Goht was guarded by a Barrier that was keeping the Talon2 out, and Borgin had only gotten in through the magic of NPC immunity to roadblocks. Quacer learned the Talon had been destroyed, but didn’t seem that pooped about it, since he simply launched his artificial copy, the Talon2, and we were back in business! It’s like the original ship never even crashed.

No, really, they pretend like it never happened most of the time, even calling it the “Talon” for the rest of the game. (more…)

Final Fantasy Legend III – Heroic Paid Internship Program

ffliii-2016-02-19-14h47m07s699.pngWith Dion revived, we all bundled into the Talon and hit the Unit X-Plane to travel to Pureland, hoping to chase after the team that had somehow invented the Unit on their own without leaving a copy or schematics to make a new one and yeah, I’m going to keep complaining about that. Before we left, we flew around for a bit, Kyle commenting that the Talon was too shitty to even fly over mountains with its two engines. He must have been thrilled, then, when we hit X-Plane and arrived in Pureland, only to be informed that Units X-Plane and Hover had broken, meaning that the Talon not only couldn’t fly over mountains, but that it couldn’t fly over water. Truly we were living the airship dream.

(I’m not certain why they break X-Plane as well. It wouldn’t have been so bad to teleport back to the original world and then back to this starting point in Pureland. It’s not like this game is so advanced that we’d expect dialogue on the original world to change up to match recent events. I mean, the Elder in Dharm was still talking about Lara coming to stay with him!) (more…)

Final Fantasy Legend III – Curtis in the Sky with Diamond Armour

Chaos had two Units: Future and Hover (the second engine), which we took back to the Talon and then headed to the Future, where the world was flooded beyond recognition. This makes navigation a nightmare, as there are so few landmarks. An observant player might realize that the only surviving land had previously been surrounded by mountains, but be honest: do you really remember which parts of the map those were? Including ones that weren’t relevant before now? With navigation thrown out the window, I took over from Kyle, since I knew all the shortcuts. A new player might notice that Dharm is now gone, and would try to head to Elan, but since Elan largely only has directions, it’s possible to skip it for the time being. I started by going to South Tower, where our Ifram Tree informed us that the Dharmites had moved to an island to the east, and had disguised their hideout as a graveyard. Unfortunately this advice was not really needed, since we were playing on the Gameboy Player (a GBA). That meant the game was colourized the way monochrome games were on the Game Boy Color, and foreground sprites like the moveable grave were coloured differently (pink) than background sprites like the regular graves (transparent). Through no fault of the developers, it’s obvious which grave you have to check! Whoops! (more…)

Final Fantasy Legend III – Before and Beyond

ffliii-2016-02-08-17h41m37s145.pngWe travelled to Elan, Kyle finding it in only a few seconds! The town was underground, and built inside the high mountains west from the North Tower. There we first learned that Sol was “sleeping” on Floatland, which was not very reassuring to anyone. We could also find the town’s elder, “Granny,” who was hiding out in a hidden magic shop with little to say that you couldn’t learn elsewhere and nothing worthwhile for sale, making her hidden status all the stranger.

While in Elan, we bought some Bronze armour and new weapons and visited Cronus, who explained the purpose of the Radar (not that we couldn’t have worked that out by using it) and gave us Unit Past, which would allow the buried Talon to jump 15 years into the past where we might have better luck finding the other Units. Cronus reasoned he could keep looking for Unit Future while we were gone, which once again shows an awful understanding of time travel. (more…)

Final Fantasy Legend III – Churchyard to the Danger Zone


Like the last two games in the Legends subseries, FFLIII tries to start off with a single sentence hook premise, but its concept is maybe too complex for that gimmick. “The Pureland Water Entity appeared and flooded this world’s Past, Present and Future.” The what? From where? The intro will eventually tell you “what,” but it doesn’t explain much about “where,” which isn’t a good sign before we’ve even hit a single button. Welcome to Final Fantasy Legend III. (more…)