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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona (Remake – PSP)

  1. St. Hermelin: “I promise, Miss Ooishi, my fluorescent pink plant is strictly medicinal.”
  2. Hospital to Shrine: And behind Door #1: a brand new wall!!
  3. St. Hermelin to SEBEC Building: Also, I like how we just start casually murdering human beings in this section.
  4. St. Hermelin to Harem Queen’s Dugouts: I am Ultra-Boyfriend!  Ask, and I shall appear!
  5. Lost Forest to Deva Yuga: Drop a pyramid on them!
  6. Lost Forest to Avidya World: Smoke gently rising from the back of the PSP.
  7. Snow Queen Quest: Yes… the whole Snow Queen Quest.
  8. Appendix – Voice Actors: Talk, talk talk.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2 – Innocent Sin (Remake – PSP)

  1. Seven Sisters High to Sumaru Prison: Is it weird to anyone else that the cast is hanging out in a former prison and virtually no one mentions it?
  2. Seven Sisters High: Wiping out the #brand.
  3. Seven Sisters High, con’t: Flussssssssssssssh.
  4. Club Zodiac to Kasugayama High: Dancing zombies? Sorry, I used up all my Thriller jokes on FFVIII.
  5. Mu Arcade to Aoba Park: The telephone game in action.
  6. Smile Hirasaka to GOLD: Persona: Boogerman.
  7. Aerospace Museum to Kuzunoha Detective Agency: Aerospace Museum to an Actual 4 Hour Lecture Delivered In Real Time At The Kuzunoha Detective Agency.
  8. Mt. Iwato: Colossal Cave Persona.
  9. “School of the Heart”: God knows MySpace helped us reach our ideal selves.
  10. Mt. Katatsumuri to Caracol: And running around chasing these sidequests makes us the Jumping Losers.
  11. Caracol to Alaya Shrine: “I would be a better person if I weren’t involved with Persona,” said a protagonist of the Persona series.
  12. Zodiac Temples: Spread a rumour that my legendary gun also gives me free chocolate.
  13. Silver River to Factory Waste Disposal: I think we can all agree that “You’re benign” was Nanjo’s best attempt at a burn.
  14. “The Persona Thief”: Dr. Manhattan, I presume?
  15. Xibalba: You can’t pronounce an Outer God’s name correctly unless you choke to death in the middle of it.

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment (Original Release – PS1)

  1. Kismet Publishing to Seven Sisters High: All around me are familiar faces.
  2. Seven Sisters High to Parabellum: Tatsuya is also using God Mode, All Guns and DK Mode.
  3. Mt. Mifune to Sky Museum: Little did you know that Sisyphus’ mountain was forested.
  4. Kismet Publishing to GOLD Gym: Ironically, now we’re Jokers for trying to kill Ulala.
  5. Club Zodiac to Nanjo’s Penthouse: “First order of counter-conspiracy business: I move to ban Mark from all future meetings. He stole my doughnut and I will have vengeance.”
  6. Sumaru TV: Not to be confused with Smash TV, although I’m sure we can agree that would have been far more entertaining.
  7. Nanjo’s Story: So did Michel go through the sewer too, or…?
  8. Smile Mall: BBS, give Maya your Idiot Ball trophy.
  9. Aoba Park to Abandoned Factory: “Revenge,” he mused, in the middle of a career chosen and dedicated towards avenging his father’s false charges, “the most worthless of causes.”
  10. Nichirinmaru to Undersea Ruins: I would have given the game a Julius award, but the man showed up three weeks late to the ceremony.
  11. Mt. Iwato to Subway Tunnel: 🎵 Memories… like a colour out of space… 🎵
  12. Torifune: Shine on, you crazy… metal evil versions of our friends.
  13. Sumaru Castle to Monado Mandala: Teenage Mutant Turtle Mummy, Teenage Mutant Turtle Mummy!
  14. Monado Mandala: My three poisons are arsenic, nightshade and cyanide. What, you wanted a metaphor?
  1. Marathon Look-Back #2, Part 1: Analysis.
  2. Marathon Look-Back #2, Part 2: Top 5s and Bottom 5s.