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(Tutorial Arc)

  1. Introduction and Day 255: Red sky at night / nobody’s delight. Nobodies do not have emotions. Do not be deceived!
  2. Days 7 and 8: Roxas, plunge into the ancient and terrible darkness to a world beyond imagination, and fetch me a coffee.
  3. Days 9 and 10: In hindsight, I turned down some excellent jokes by not using Larxene’s section to discuss Chains.
  4. Days 11 to 13: “Roxas, look at this wall.” “Yes, sir.” “Now stay here while I finish the mission myself.” “That’s probably for the best, sir.”
  5. Day 14 and Mission 00: Happy graduation, Roxas. The prize is, shockingly, more ice cream.

(Xion and the status quo)

  1. Days 15-17 and 22: Welcome to the daily grind, here is your murder stick.
  2. Days 23-25: This place is so much nicer without the Loudmouths constantly healing the other Heartless and calling reinforcements. …What was I talking about?
  3. Day 26: “Is it a prank? Should I put sand in Demyx’s bed? Xaldin’s? Xemnas? You name them and I’ll sand them!”
  4. Day 27, 49-54: Ironic that the first post that failed to go up at midnight in months happens to be about Roxas sleeping.
  5. Day 71: “Pence, there’s a giant purple gob beside your front door.” “Yeah, but that’s normal, right?” “I guess?”
  6. Day 72: I like to think that Pete just keeps finding a more interesting version of the Cave every time he goes there.

(Xion’s lost powers)

  1. Days 73-74: Good old fashioned Metroid-style cheating.
  2. Days 75-79: Schrodinger’s sandstorm.
  3. Days 94-95: Minimum design effort.
  4. Day 96: Have you tried throwing the stick for it to fetch, Roxas?
  5. Days 97-100: It’s too bad Xion already got her Keyblade back, Roxas – you could have taken the Antlion’s pearl and fed her that instead! I’ve heard it works great!

(Friend troubles)

  1. Day 117: You can’t be read if you don’t link! Wanna rack up an organized directory page? Then link, link, link. No link, no… urm… think?
  2. Days 118-122: “Next try knocking this garbage into other garbage!” “Hayner, he’s not here to do your chores!”
  3. Days 149-150: “My memories, my friends, and my collection of 150 ice cream sticks!”
  4. Day 151: “Axel, is there even a door in that direction?” “Scaled the tower!”
  5. Days 152-156: The Nightmare Before Up.
  6. Day 171: What else can I say? It’s up to you…

(Something’s up with Xion)

  1. Day 172: Gimmicky Soul Eating?
  2. Days 173-176: The only minor enemy that comes with a free shower!
  3. Day 193: So how exactly does no one notice the craters left over from the explosions and lasers streaking through town, eh?
  4. Days 194-197: But seriously, is this rabbit ever on time?
  5. Day 224: Shouldn’t have been throwing those slippery ice cream wrappers everywhere!
  6. Days 225-227: Windows ME, the operating system of true despair!
  7. Days 255-258: This stupid orb doesn’t even get HBO!
  8. Days 276-280: Well, she’s not at the creamery. I’m stumped.

(Xion’s Defection)

  1. Day 296: Enter the dogman.
  2. Days 297-298: Roxas’ fainting place.
  3. Days 299-300: “Xion, as punishment for your defection, we’re going to lock you up with the master key and this map to all our secret passages.”
  4. Days 301-304: The Organization’s office party ended, as they all did, with Demyx being chased away by the locals.

(We only need one.)

  1. Days 321-326: “You’re my friend, not just some Replica. I definitely would lead you to your original self and tell you to absorb their power to become real.” “What was that?” “Nothing.”
  2. Day 352: “Roxas, complete this mission and we’ll, uh, promote you to, erm, Thunder… God. Yeah.”
  3. Days 353-354: Finally, the Cave of Wonders has WiFi!

(To bring you back.)

  1. Days 355-356: “I like your room.” “Thanks, I’m going to wallpaper it with crayon drawings.” “Well, you do you.” “That’s what I’m trying to get you to do, but you’re not listening.”
  2. Day 357: But who will I clear Mission Mode with?
  3. Days 358-359: “Sweet, free ice cream!”
  1. Appendix: A look at the manga and Magical Puzzle Clash.

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