Final Fantasy Marathon Directory, pt3

Final Fantasy X (HD Release – Steam)

  1. Zanarkand: Quick, flee to safety! Follow the man with the largest booze!
  2. Baaj Temple to Underwater Ruins: And my favourite dessert! Blue glob!
  3. Besaid: We’ll be-saiying you! Ha-ha! We have fun here.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King (Original Release – WiiWare)

  1. Pallum Dei Caverns: The joys of parenthood! Magically manifesting them with a crystal, sending them off to their deaths five minutes later…
  2. Pallum Dei Caverns to Goblin’s Den: “Have you tried punching them harder? Well I’m out of ideas.”
  3. Dolsam Gulch to Auris Swordpath: Just draw the park with mandrakes, our adventurers will feel at home.
  4. Panclare Brightwood to Corrum Sih Highroad: “Giving Up on Plot Developments” and other tips from the pros at Square Enix.
  5. Musqu Mazewood to Shrine of Awakening: More like Shrine of Five More Minutes Please.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord (Original Release – WiiWare)

  1. Old Vanbeige Road 1 to Gnarlgri Plain 4: I cast magic missile at the space heater.
  2. Tzormiy Straight 1 to Voleebo Flatland 1: I cast knife on the space heater from ten feet away. I’m a Shooter.
  3. Voleebo Flatland 2 to Aresial Island: I cast magic missile only as a last resort because of Final Fantasy’s damnable obsession with flourish over functionality.
  4. Aresial Island to Repi Api Heights 3: Yes, steal the clothes of famous good guys to steal their strength!
  5. Monde de Shell 1 to DLC: “Monde de Shell 1 to [incomprehensible, half-hearted muttering].”

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