Metapost – Upcoming Compilation of FFVII Lock-Down

With the upcoming launch of the FFVII Remake, all the products under the Compilation of FFVII banner (Crisis Core, FFVII, Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus, Before Crisis) will be going under “lock-down,” like the Kingdom Hearts games before them. This means their comment sections will be locked, and the posts will not be updated with new developments. If you’ve got anything left to say about them, now’s your last chance to say it!

This will happen at or after the game’s final release date, presently in April.


  1. The game looks nice, but some of the changes they’ve been making make me a little worried. Without going into detail about anything from the demo, I’m not a fan of those weird Dementor looking ghost things that are popping around.

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