Day: January 9, 2020

Final Fantasy IX – Ghosts of Bosses Past

Session 4 carries on through to the end of the game, though considering how close we were at the end of Session 3, that isn’t particularly surprising! Actually, Kyle and I had a tremendously successful session, finishing off not only FFIX, but also TSW and a certain other project I’ll talk about when we get there. It was good stuff!

Since we’re getting towards the end of the game, I think I should add a brief forecast for what’s coming soon on the blog. The Spirits Within follows, we wouldn’t miss it. After that, we’ll be doing another Look-Back at the Final Fantasy and Persona PSX games and their sequels with some new Top 5 lists. But before we get to FFX and X-2, we’ll be doing two of these “special projects” I just hinted at, so look forward to that! As for FFX, I should publicly clarify that FFX is one of those rare games that both Kyle and I have already played in the past! (The only other Final Fantasy game in this position was Mystic Quest.) After that, Kyle has played FFTA, and I’ve discussed my testy history with 4HoL, but beyond those, every game in the series is brand new to both of us until you get to FFXV. FFXV is special, since I actually played it partially as an official part of the Marathon, since someone had to write up all the time-sensitive events! As a result, the FFXV Journal actually has several completed write-ups, which is a weird feeling since they won’t run for years!

You may also be curious how we’re going to handle the upcoming FFVII Remake. We probably are going to play it eventually, but Kyle wants to wait until all the episodes are released, so it may be… ahaha… some time, as it were. I may end up playing it on my own in the interim. For the record, Marathon rules don’t obligate us to play new remakes like this, no matter how different they may be from the original, but unless the game turns out to be a serious dud, I think we’ll want to play it, so no worries there. We played Dirge of Cerberus, didn’t we?

(The “We don’t have to play remakes no matter how different” rule is a technicality that dates back to the abbreviated, and so rarely-mentioned, Castlevania Marathon, what with a half-dozen retellings of the original Castlevania on the market!).