Day: June 30, 2019

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment – Why is it so hard to stab a friend?

Back at the beach, Baofu points out that they may have killed Joker, but the larger problem is Tatsuzou, the elder Sudou, who was on the phone talking about Joker before the killings even restarted. Unfortunately, Katsuya wants to call recent events in to the precinct, and the two get into a fight that leads to the party splitting up. Maya agrees to stay on the hunt for Tatsuzou, but Baofu isn’t even ready with the next step, and says she should check in at work while he gets ready. Meanwhile, Jun (still lingering) is curious about Tatsuya but not about to follow the four of us, and stays behind at the beach, for all we could use a fifth party member. So now we only have one party member, and you can probably imagine why we got it into our heads to put off any upgrades and grinding. Again: I understand where the problem started, but in time…