Day: June 20, 2019

FFVII Before Crisis – Get My Driving Spear

Chapter 15: To the Distant Skies and Beyond

Well this chapter promises to be an odd experience. Like a lot of Crisis Core’s stuff, we know exactly how this is going to end, but have never had the chance to play in it, so it could still be interesting. We’re already heading in the right direction, in my mind, by turning the rocket launch into a major publicity event for Shrinra, giving us a new perspective on an incident the writers could have slept through. Of course, FFVII also gave me the impression that the launch took place way more than four years ago, but this at least promises to be interesting!

Unfortunately, in hindsight, I think Chapter 15 ended up being one of the game’s most boring chapters, but let me explain why that is as we go along.

It’s April, three months later yet again, and Cid is flying the Bronco in an air show before the big rocket launch. Shotgun has been assigned as Rufus Shinra’s escort for the day, and he does nothing but complain about the money being wasted the entire time. Cid ends his show and comes over to be introduced to Rufus, carrying his fucking partisan with him wherever he goes. Seriously man, even in the plane? And if you thought Yuffie’s portrait was too young, check out Cid, who can’t be past twenty-five yet.

…Wait, hold on, Cid from FFVII was 32? The man acted like he’s pushing fifty! Oh, Square… Square… Square… As it happens, the Cid we’re looking at here is twenty-nine at this point, but still, I would have guessed he’d be 45 based on FFVII! (Please note, if you go to the FFWiki, that Cid’s listed age for Before Crisis is his age at the start of Before Crisis, twenty-six. We’re three years into the story at this point.)