Day: June 2, 2019

Persona 2: Innocent Sin – 7 Grand Dads (fused at the hip)

After stocking up our items for the final charge, we returned to Xibalba. The demons get more powerful from this point on, but they still weren’t a match for our overpowered spells. Unfortunately, the mazes also got harder and longer, with damage squares to boot. Our first flashback in the latter half of the dungeon saw us in the past, with Big Sis looking after Jun while they wait for someone to pick him up. They talk, and it’s clear that Jun doesn’t like his mother for some reason, but they’re interrupted by the arrival of a man who resembles Jun’s “father” from the present day, just a little more slovenly. The man tries to introduce himself, but Jun interrupts him, telling Big Sis that this is actually his “uncle,” which the downtrodden man doesn’t confirm or deny. The present-day Jun once again keels over in pain as video game amnesiacs are apt to do, unsure of the facts of the matter. After the fact, Lisa notes that the “uncle” looks just like the clocktower ghost, and also that Jun’s father supposedly wrote In Lak’ech, and also that Ms. Ideal said the man who died in the clocktower wrote In Lak’ech. Kyle and I really appreciated that, since a lot of these details had been lost on us in the intervening months. In short: Jun’s real father was the teacher’s ghost from the clock tower.