Day: May 26, 2019

Persona 2: Innocent Sin – Hot singles in your plane of existence

p2is-00023Because I wasn’t sure if we’d get another convenient Battalion teleporter leading back to the city even closer to the final boss, we decided to go and visit the game’s last Theatre mission right away, even though it was marked as Level 70 and we were below 60. We figured that if it was like the original two missions, we’d be fine, and if it kicked our asses we could just leave. We needn’t have worried – it was easy even at our current level, if you can believe it. Much shorter in terms of story, too. Let’s take a look.

This story is called “The Persona Thief,” and I suspect it was written/developed by a different author than the person who did “School of the Heart,” because there are major stylistic differences between the two. “The Persona Thief” prefers to have the characters narrate directly to the player, sometimes describing some real trifles. For example, you might see a scene where Lisa says, “Let’s go talk to that person,” followed immediately by a fade to black and Lisa narrating, “We decided to go talk to that person,” followed by the characters talking to that person! Holy shit! I get the impression that the person in charge didn’t care to program characters to move around, because this sort of narration tends to happen when someone would have to move from place to place. One side effect of this mode of story-telling is that Tatsuya barely feels present in the story, since everyone else gets such an inflated amount of screen time. Like “School of the Heart,” your fifth party member doesn’t appear in the narrative – Jun, in our case – though now that Yukino’s left the party, we finally know why: they had to account for either party combination!