Day: May 19, 2019

Persona 2: Innocent Sin – Dip a toe in the final dungeon

p2is-00010There’s legitimately no way to pick up Tatsuya and Lisa’s legendary weapons at this early point, so we’ll return to the plot. After you complete the last temple, you get a call from Tamaki at the detective agency with bad news: Ms. Ideal has just been kidnapped by Prince Taurus! Jun explains why Taurus woul dod this: the Oracle of Maia demands a sacrifice of a “Maia Maiden,” and since King Leo had been twisting every step of the Oracle of Maia to fulfill it all along, it seems the plan was to just sacrifice a Ms. Ideal, whose name is Maia, instead of actually going to Central America or wherever to track down a descendant of the “Maians.” Evil bonus points for mopping up after themselves by killing the source of these rumours, plus who knows what else. Although… if they get away with the sacrifice, that sort of bonus might not matter any more.

Since Prince Taurus has such a strong lead, Jun figures it’s best if they just head for the centre of Xibalba, the final dungeon. It turns out it’s closer to home than anyone expected: the Naruto stone back at Sevens. Sure enough, we headed there and found out that someone had already opened the gate, and the Battalion had gone through (either after Taurus or before him, the witnesses weren’t clear).