Day: May 16, 2019

FFVII Before Crisis – Hello Again, Dr. Bad Guy

bc-00002Chapter 10: The Sole Deciding Factor

A whole four months pass until AVALANCHE’s next move. Somehow, they sneak into Shinra HQ just before midnight, bringing a group of Bomb monsters with them. The Bombs start murdering their way through the unprepared interior guards, but someone soon sounds the alarm.

Verdot calls the Turks, announcing that the Bombs are actually a monster outbreak from Hojo’s labs. He’s not aware of AVALANCHE’s involvement yet, and seems to believe the Bombs broke out on their own. Tseng and Shotgun are the only ones in the building, so Tseng is assigned evacuation duty and Shotgun extermination. Curiously, Verdot acts like only the executives and researchers know that Hojo is housing monsters, to the point where they can’t even call in SOLDIER to tend to things. Clearly this was retconned by the time we hit Crisis Core, as Zack basically uses the monster research labs as one of his minor hubs!