Day: May 9, 2019

FFVII Before Crisis – Cause I’m TNT

Episode Legend

It’s time for another special episode starring an alternate character. Grimoire Valentine even had a lot of screenshots from this one, so I’m going to try to stretch them out! While the majority of Episode Legend takes place in flashback, its ending is explicitly set during or around the previous chapter, what with the second AVALANCHE occupation of Junon. I have a strong feeling that this episode it wasn’t released until late in the game’s lifecycle, possibly even after the story was complete (albeit probably before the Crisis Core promo chapter we covered earlier). The primary reason I think this was released towards the end of BC’s lifecycle is the fact that it unlocks a new Turk, Legend (Male), who has such truly absurd upgrade costs that would only make sense for him to show up at the end of things (he also only has two available weapons, which matches up with the last two Turks who join the roster). On the flip side, Legend (Male) does show up in a few group shots near the end of the story… but those might have been modified after his release. It’s hard to say based on evidence alone, so if anyone has any solid information, feel free to share it!

Episode Legend begins just after the Wutai war, a month and a half before the start of BC’s main storyline, but don’t get settled! For unknown reasons, Verdot calls Tseng to his office to tell him that he wants to recall a certain former Turk to duty. Tseng seems to know the guy, and informs us that he’s been held under house arrest in Costa del Sol for being a member of an anti-Shinra group. Verdot doesn’t seem concerned, however, and sends Tseng off to Costa del Sol without much more to say.