Day: May 2, 2019

FFVII Before Crisis – The Five Against Junon

Chapter 9: Stepping Into Uncertainty

It’s the first of February, only a few weeks after Verdot’s demotion, and Heidegger has taken over command of the Turks. He sets to work immediately, and with good reason: AVALANCHE is apparently returning to Junon as we speak! He wants the Turks to serve as scouts, and gives them orders to report the moment they see the enemy so that he can deploy his armed forces to deal with the threat, which he insists can be done in minutes. Tseng goes to tattle to Verdot, still calling Verdot “chief.” By the way, Verdot’s room in building security is a full set, not like the static picture of the board room we had for the executives, which is nice considering they didn’t really have to do it and could have shot the scenes over a CG or flat black. Long story short, Verdot blows Tseng off, but Tseng points out that Verdot can use his security control panel to watch literally any of the company’s cameras (this is simultaneously surprising and unsurprising from Shinra, I don’t know what to say), and he asks him to keep an eye on the Turks in Junon and in general.

Shotgun has apparently waited until reaching Junon to let off steam about Heidegger, including mocking his laugh, much to my delight. We’re given a brief introduction to the Junon elevator for later, and Shotgun goes down to the beach for her patrol route. Much to my annoyance, the game then basically reproduces this scene three more times with Reno, Rude and Tseng, almost word-for-word. Why?