Day: April 21, 2019

Persona 2: Innocent Sin – Piggy Power

p2is-00124Kyle and I actually hung out for a few hours the next day, so Session 2 continues. We started the day by learning that Jun had ordered his lesser cultists to actually defend the town from the Last Battalion, though why, I don’t know (if this is the game’s effort to make him appear less villainous, it’s not working. He’s the one who created the rumour-Hitler in the first place, so far as I can tell!). Despite the cultists’ efforts, the Last Battalion had basically occupied the city, and that wasn’t even their primary objective! At this point, we went to the Abandoned Factory in hopes of finding another boss you could recruit after you defeat them (the same way we had encountered Sakya), but we didn’t have any luck running into them even after we finished our exploration of Room 4, and decided to go on with our day rather than wait for this forever, especially since we had checked out the Persona in the Velvet Room and weren’t all that impressed.

At this point, we were now past level 30 (by the way, we couldn’t find our characters’ levels in the main menu, and had to win a random combat just to see them!), and we decided to check out the first pre-loaded scenario in the Theatre, which was marked as Level 30. It turns out we probably should have shown up way earlier, but I’ll explain why as we go.