Day: April 7, 2019

Persona 2: Innocent Sin – A playable excerpt from the wiki

p2is-00095There was no third riddle: this time, King Leo simply wrote a letter challenging us to go to the city’s aerospace museum for a real showdown. No new sidequests this time, either! We summoned a few new Personas and we went to the aerospace museum straight away! Thankfully, we had checked the walkthrough (to look for sidequests), which got us a warning that the next dungeon wouldn’t allow us to save, and for good reason!

There was bad news right from the off: the party discovered the aerospace museum was hosting an elementary school field trip, so the place was crawling with kids. Bad news #2: Tamaki and Tadashi from the detective agency are here, Tadashi dressed and armed like Zorro, and Tamaki as a Japanese film character from the time, complete with cat ears (did I mention that Tadashi is actually a self-insert character of a member of the dev team, who had redesigned Tamaki for P2IS after a real-world actress, and was using her as fetish fuel, so the fans called him out and Tadashi was removed from EP? Yeah, I probably should have mentioned that). They dramatically declared that the party is working for “the Fuhrer.” Naturally, the two of them had been contacted by the only other person who had used the name “the Fuhrer,” Ms. Ideal, who had hired them to look into “the Fuhrer,” and also to stop us, “the spies.” Thankfully, Tamaki didn’t believe Ms. Ideal (even though she still went through with her dramatic reveal with Tadashi…), which was good, because she was able to convince Tadashi to help us when King Leo revealed his plan: he was going to burn down the building with us in it, starting with the exits.