Day: March 31, 2019

Persona 2: Innocent Sin – Linguistic Differences

p2is-00082Maya reads Leo’s riddle. Now, normally I’d be happy to quote a riddle in full, just in case someone is reading along who hasn’t played the game and wants to solve it themselves… normally. I’m afraid there’s no point this time: the game solves 90% of the riddle itself, and the last 10% is too easy to bother. If you get it wrong, the actual target will be blown up, but it’s not likely to happen if you ask me! But first things first: Ms. Ideal rushes back into the plot while Maya is reading and starts talking about the Oracle of Maia. When our Maya asks her some questions, Ms. Ideal decides the party are spies, inserted into the school by “the Fuhrer” to spy on her and someone named “Kashihara.” A few other names also come up: “The Last Battalion,” and someone named “Sudou.” Naturally, Ms. Ideal runs off from this group of, urm, spies.