Day: March 21, 2019

FFVII Before Crisis – Shinra’s Secret Company Spa

bc-00050Chapter 4: An Existence Proved Through Scars

We begin Chapter 4 in medias res, going straight into the SOLDIER candidate hunt. It’s half a month after the AVALANCHE attack on Junon, and Shotgun has just broken into a fight club, where the reigning champion, “King,” is defending his title. With little more than a how-do-you-do, Shotgun blows the head clean off of the door guard. Okay, okay, the game doesn’t actually imply that he’s dead. In fact, her brazen murder is followed up by someone shouting: “She took him out with one blow!?” Yes, you idiots! That’s what guns do! This is one of many times where it seems the writers only had Rod (Male) in mind when writing these scenes, which is bizarre, because there are three gunners in the launch lineup, three of only four characters available when this episode was released!

King decides that beating up someone with a firearm sounds pretty interesting (I mean, that’s not what he means to say, but it’s what he’s essentially saying all the same), and asks who Shotgun is. She replies by announcing that she’s going to impress every single person in the crowded club, single-handed, into SOLDIER. Shit, historical press gangs would bribe or kidnap a small group of people, but Shinra’s here to tell those press gangs that they were playing for small change! Obviously all you need is one spy with a baton and you can pick up about fifty assholes a stop, and nobody will even ask questions!