Day: March 17, 2019

Persona 2: Innocent Sin – Staging Interventions with Strangers

p2is-00061At Zodiac, we ran into a loose plot thread: remember the girl from the track team who wanted to find her missing sempai? Well here they both are! The girl we had spoken to earlier was basically unimportant in the grand scheme of things, but the older girl, Anna Yoshizaka, is worth naming. Her NPC teammate told her that Anna “can’t keep that up that up or it’ll ruin your health even worse! Then you’ll never run again…” But it wasn’t clear what she was talking about? The P1/P2 overhead sprites may not have been detailed enough to make out Tatsuya’s lighter, but they’re detailed enough to see that Anna’s sitting down, not dancing or doing anything that might harm or even strain her legs. We can clearly see Anna’s hands in this shot, arms crossed and definitely not holding anything – say, drinking, smoking, or doing drugs. Hell she’s not even “hanging out with a bad crowd,” because she’s literally on one side of the room on her own. The phrasing doesn’t even seem to imply that the NPC girl was saying, “You have to go back to school and track or you’ll fall out of practice,” either, she’s supposed to be doing… something! I’m out of after-school specials, Persona, so tell me: what horrible, life-ruining activity is this teenager supposed to be doing to herself?

(Ed. Coming back to this from the end of the game, and even after seeing a few scenes involving Anna from Eternal Punishment, my best guess about this weird scene is that there was a localization issue, and the NPC is simply trying to say “Anna, please come back to school and track club.” Unfortunately, the localizers tied her up in a stilted double negative: “Anna, please stop doing the thing where you are not going to school.” Unfortunately, later scenes throws this for a whirl, so I’m not certain, but this feels closer than my other guesses.)

p2is-00063Anna ignores her former friend, who eventually storms off, and Yukino goes over to Anna to say: “Don’t do this. Trying to be something you’re not isn’t cool.” Anna asks who the hell she is, and Yukino just says not to ignore the advice people give you. What, like from strangers? Just any advice given to you by strangers, who have never even met you? I’m talking about you, Yukino, I hope that’s not too opaque for you. I’m with Anna when she says “That’s stupid,” and gets up to leave, because what Yukino is saying is so broad it’s basically spread beyond its limits.