Day: February 7, 2019

Final Fantasy VIII – Fortress of Limitations

ffviii-00083The world distorts and we get a genuinely impressive, prerendered CG where the room melts and the characters fall out the floor into a liquid world full of visions of the past, not unlike an visual representation of what Crystal Blue was supposed to be in Enix’s Terranigma a few years earlier (in practice, Crystal Blue only showed up as bubbles with no details, and had to be described in text. I just want to give Enix credit for the idea even if Square is doing it way better in this instance). The party promises to meet up at Edea’s orphanage once inside time compression, similar to Squall and Rinoa’s promise in the real world and probably based on it. Luckily (and I must impress: luckily), the party is not instantly killed as per Ultimecia’s plan, and end up in Edea’s prep room in Deling City. There, a save point appears and suddenly multiplies into over a dozen save points, as though compressed there through time. Heh, that’s clever. Then they go through the door only to end up in the same room! But don’t get attached to this weirdness, because unfortunately this is the last of it (except some special effects in the next battle), which is a damned shame. In the second prep room, they see Edea surrounded by after-images like Rinoa from before, only for her to split into multiple Sorceresses that attack you in turn. Kyle’s impression of this scene was that they represented Sorceress of the past, but mine was that they were more of an abstract, representing the idea of Sorceresses, or even some sort of panto. As you will!