Day: January 31, 2019

Final Fantasy VIII – Standing Tank Adel

ffviii-00070We were greeted at the entrance by Fujin and Raijin, who had flip-flopped on their “let’s let Squall beat Seifer back to normal” plan, and were now going to attack us. With two of our current party (Squall and Irvine) equipped with Sleep-inducing Junctions, we had soon knocked both of them out and began to milk Fuu for Full-Life (Arise) spells. Sadly, our third party member, Selphie, didn’t have any remaining magic slots to use to hold Full-Life. And it’s arguably too bad that she didn’t, because she had nothing to do for the whole fight but to attack the Rai and Fu, and so eventually reduced them below a certain health mark that not only changed their AI to a harder one, but woke them both up! I’ve never seen a change in AI remove status effects like this before, at least not without a transformation or magic spell to explain it! These changes meant that I had to get serious and end the fight. Oh well. Raijin and Fujin ran off. Just a few rooms into the map, and Biggs and Wedge showed up, having not been seen in hours, and they outright quit their jobs and ran off, without even noticing us! The way to the dungeon was now open.