Day: January 17, 2019

Final Fantasy VIII – Ultimate Ring Around the Rosey

ffviii-00038Next up… well, next up was some menu diving, during which we discovered that we were sitting on two new Blue Magic items we didn’t even realize we had. We also corrected a few Junctions that had been left vacant when Edea left and took our magic with her, though we didn’t realize that was the cause at the time, and assumed the character’s GFs had gained the Junction slots since we had last checked.

Next up after that, our plan was to continue with sidequests, but since the upcoming quests would involve more fighting, we decided to fetch Rinoa before we continued, since she was well and away our weakest party member thanks to her repeat absences and would benefit from the EXP. I had put off rescuing her under the logic that we’d be trapped by the plot after rescuing her (we were going to defy Esthar in their own territory, after all), but we needn’t have worried, since you actually get her back without a fight! You go to Adel’s “memorial” and learn Rinoa is going to be sealed away permanently and probably in space, just like Adel (although how they were going to maintain her without a space station, I don’t know). You know, I had actually wondered why Adel had been sealed instead of killed (we get an explanation later on) but I can respect them not trying to kill Rinoa, who’s done no conscious wrong, even if I don’t agree with their method. In any event, all it takes is a swing of a gunblade to break the mechanism and a quick hug from Squall to change Rinoa’s mind about keeping others safe from her dangerous powers (hey, at least he learned how to hug at last!).