Day: January 10, 2019

Final Fantasy VIII – PuPu to You Too

Rinoa does her best to make the ride back to the planet a romantic moment, and does an okay job considering her partner is Squall, but now it’s time for her big fear: Rinoa suspects that now that the Estharans know she’s a sorceress, they’ll take her away. I was confused by this, and this time it’s on me. Time for a quick confession: up until this point, I had been under the impression that Ellone was a Sorceress, and hadn’t even mentioned it because I figured it was so obvious! As a result, I didn’t understand why the Estharans would take Rinoa “away” when they did nothing to Ellone. Unless she was in space as a prison, of course. In hindsight my reasons for thinking Ellone was a Sorceress don’t hold up at all, but here’s my former thought process all the same.