Day: December 13, 2018

Final Fantasy VIII – Playing Reverse Possum



Once again, we’ll be mixing in posts from RickyC’s playthrough from World of Longplays (YouTube).

When we regained control in Disc 3, Squall had been up and about for hours or days and the game wasn’t going to give us any explanation for the missing time. FFVIII, do you… have to do this bullshit? We shouldn’t have to learn things that Squall learned during our play period a second time, second-hand. It feels like flourish for no purpose, if you follow me.

We did some walking around. Rinoa is still unconscious, but Quistis calls Squall to go to Matron’s House, the old orphanage, where apparently Edea is walking around freed, for reasons the game refuses to explain until you get there! Since Kyle and I were already annoyed at the game for trapping us with the plot in the middle of our Chocobo Forest hunt, we just went back to our sidequesting and said nuts to Edea.