Day: December 6, 2018

Final Fantasy VIII – Royal Flush


Oh look, it’s this session in a nutshell!

Session 4 was something of a recording fiasco. First off, we got together one day to do some things in the real world, but played just over an hour of FFVIII while we were together. Let’s call that “Session 4a.” Session 4a had no recording at all, because it just plain refused to work. The next time we got together for a full session (Session 4 proper), our capture program kept ignoring our hotkey to start recording. I can’t say why, but that was only the start of our hotkey-related problems: it turns out that we had inadvertently bound our recording hotkey to the same hotkey used by FFVIII for soft resets (Ctrl+R), and ended up soft resetting twice this session. You might be wondering how it took us four sessions to notice this was the case! It turns out FFVIII will only soft-reset if you hold Ctrl+R, albeit for only a second, and we just hadn’t done that by accident until today. What a mess!

Ultimately, despite around twelve hours of play in Session 4, only three were recorded! This made it pretty important for me to do the write-up as soon as possible after our play-session so that I wouldn’t forget the details of the missing 9 hours! Thankfully, we spent most of the day on some truly, truly repetitive sidequests, some that I’m not sure I’d never dare repeat if I ever play FFVIII again. In terms of the main story, Session 4 covers the Battle of the Gardens and some of the subsequent events, including the Laguna flashback that happens not long after the Battle.

(Ed. We’ve since come up with better recording practices, so don’t worry about sending in advice, but it took a few sessions yet, so this won’t be the end of our recording problems in this Journal!)