Day: October 18, 2018

Final Fantasy VIII – Squall Kebab

ffviii-00040Back to Deling we went, and to Caraway’s mansion, where the game tricked me into entering the wrong ID number for the sword by asking for the numbers from right to left instead of left to right! Okay, okay, I should have been paying attention. After getting into the house, Rinoa revealed what had become obvious over a number of hints about her familiarity with the city: she was Caraway’s daughter. She gave Squall an order not to leave her in the house, implying that, despite his favourable political leanings, Caraway might not be a very… ah… nice person, especially not to her. Actually, I’m kind of confused as to why she goes into the house at all if she has these kinds of fears? Seriously, get the poor woman a hotel room and come back for her when it’s time to act.

Unsurprisingly, once Caraway was on the scene, he announced that he would not allow Rinoa to be a part of the assassination, since she wasn’t trained for it. I mean, he’s not wrong, but how about you spread that complaint to the party at large? After Caraway and Squall had a pissing contest about Rinoa, Irvine brought the subject back to the assassination, and Caraway decided to take us to the site to discuss the plan. By the way, “the site” is the middle of town fucking square, right outside of the President’s residence, in the middle of a normally busy street is magically vacated for our briefing. What I’m saying is that Caraway is about to get up on a wide-open stage in the middle of all the town’s spotlights to shout about assassinating a major public figure.