Day: October 4, 2018

Final Fantasy VIII – Tune in Next Time!

ffviii-00008At this point, we made our way to the TV station, and were surprised to find a giant screen on the side of the station showing the station’s current broadcast, which thanks to the global interference was nothing but random gibberish in text form (Ed. I later learned, months after we had finished playing, that there are hidden messages in the gibberish that make sense once you understand the reason behind the interference. Very nice!). I can’t imagine the screen has been running like this for eighteen years, so the Galbadians probably just turned it on. Then again, I can’t help but notice that the screen is now facing that impassable wall of buildings I was complaining about earlier, so no one is going to be able to see it these days!

After getting news that the president was inside and too well guarded, Rinoa considered whether to switch to Plan B (the publicity plan) or to go in guns blazing. While she was pondering, a stray comment from Squall revealed that he didn’t have much confidence in her. She began to ask him about that, and we were given the option to back down to push harder. Since I had my own issues with the Owls (chiefly that they don’t seem to have a long-term plan), I decided to let her have it, but it turned out that Squall only had really petty complaints about them being unprofessional, and I felt bad for doing it. Come on, Squall, these people might operate in an unorthodox manner, but they just hijacked a train car from the middle of another high-speed train.