Day: September 20, 2018

Final Fantasy VIII – Causality’s Gone to SeeD

FFVIII-00063After the screen blacked out, we found ourselves in control of three different characters in Galbadian soldier’s uniforms. As this went on, spoken dialogue was presented as normal, but additional translucent boxes appeared alongside the regular boxes. It didn’t take long to realize that these translucent boxes conveyed the familiar voices of our original party members, apparently aware of the scene but unable to interact with it (again: credit to the localization for making each voice so distinctive!). Our strange new party was made up of a man named Laguna, who was in charge but had gotten the party lost, and his buddies Kiros and Ward. Laguna fought with a submachine gun, Kiros with a giant harpoon the size of a ship’s anchor, and Kiros with two arm blades. Kiros is also a black man, and he’s about as far away from Barret’s “angry black man” stereotypes as you could be, being something of a ultra-calm monk instead.

Laguna is the only one of these three to get a mocap credit (Ed. Ward and Kiros do show up in a later CG, but aren’t moving). He’s played by Akihiko Kikuma, who would stick with Final Fantasy mocap as Wakka in FFX, Baralai in X-2, Sazh in the original FFXIII (and presumably the sequels, though as I understand it from my spoiler-minimizing research, the sequels don’t credit anyone in the role). He also did mocap in an unspecified role in Advent Children.