Day: June 28, 2018

Final Fantasy Tactics – This is Halloween, This is Halloween

fft-2018-06-27-01h09m06s099Battle 46: Mount Germinas

Really! The church allowed someone to name a mountain after the guy! Who would have guessed!

We were attacked by highwaymen at Mount Germinas. They demanded our money, which Kyle and I joked they could happily have, since we had learned that Sal Ghido was nearly the game’s final shop (despite it being so far from the endgame!) and so we functionally no longer needed money! Unfortunately, the highwaymen soon recognized Ramza as a wanted heretic and decided to drag him in for the bounty. Hey, remember when we were fighting the Corpse Brigade and it was a national crisis that took months to complete and resulted in a noble family executing one of their own wards? These highwaymen are level 36 and could rightly wipe out every living person in Chapter 1, rebel or government. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it’s really weird that computer RPGs became the hallmark of narrative video gaming when you realize that computer RPG mechanics don’t actually get along with narrative in any way.