Day: June 24, 2018

Final Fantasy Unlimited After – Spiralmania


A photo of the interior of the After 2 CD booklet. Is it part of the summary in question? Beats me!

At this point, we come to a point where Ai No Kareshi’s drops the ball a little: namely, he presents a section marked, “Summary from CD booklet,” but doesn’t explain what that means. Here’s my best educated guess, I’m fairly confident in it. Only two products came on CD: Unlimited Before and Unlimited After 2. Since Unlimited Before was a flashback, we’re probably talking about a booklet included with Unlimited After 2. I further guess that the booklet was used to summarize all the events that led up to After 2 for anyone who missed the previous parts of the story (Before, After 1, After Spiral). Okay, so we worked it out! The trick is: the booklet seems it also summarizes crap that was never released in any other form, and so Ai no Kareshi had to summarize this booklet summary just to get the full Season 2 story! What a mess!

The CD booklet tells us that Kaze called off the fight with Makenshi when he realized Makenshi no longer has his Mist powers, and Cid says something about Soil and Mist that I just don’t understand. Nothing Cid says makes any sense to me in Ai no Kareshi’s summary, perhaps the concepts were too hard to localize, or perhaps the sentences were incomplete (which is an even bigger pain to localize)? All you really need to know is that soil and mist are super important for arbitrary reasons. Because he’s Kaze, Kaze then walks off and abandons everyone.