Day: June 21, 2018

Final Fantasy Tactics – The Bullshit Lottery, A Lottery Where You Win Bullshit

fft-2018-06-18-17h01m45s794So now we’re off to Limberry to deal with the whole nearly forgotten plotline about the Marquis holding Alma hostage, except he’s not really holding her hostage (remember, Folmarv has her!), but Ramza doesn’t know that. Oh good, openly-acknowledged filler. It would be a four-node walk from familiar territory to Limberry. Between battles, we decided it was time to move Arthur out of Dragoon, and to begin his Ninja training by rounding off our one missing level of Archer in a random encounter at the Beddha Sandwaste, and then to Thief for the random battle after that. We also switched Josephine to Arithmatician with speed-boosting equipment (including a ladies-only handbag weapon that Wilham couldn’t have used), though this didn’t prove helpful enough in the long run.

At this point, if I’m remembering correctly, I accidentally stumbled across the Rumour that triggered part of a sidequest! Legitimately and everything! I was just looking to see if the Rumours had changed after the big developments at Bessalt (they hadn’t) and there it was! Unfortunately, the location unlocked by this Rumour, Nelveska Temple, was useless on its own, and poorly-phrased internet advice left us confused about it for a stretch. Nelveska is actually the middle step in a sidequest, and to start that sidequest you have to go a little further in the game. Nice of them to let you unlock it early, I suppose?