Day: June 17, 2018

Final Fantasy Unlimited After – Dualcast Summon Bazooka

Image19Chobi helps the party escape C2’s headquarters, along with Kaze. Now that she’s learned Soljashy is not on their side, Lisa decides to tell the kids about her friend Dolk. She notes that Soljashy not only resembles Dolk, but said a few things Dolk did in similar situations, making her strongly suspect that Soljashy really is Dolk under some sort of possession or mind control. Furthermore, she recovered Soljashy’s keychain after Kaze started shooting at him, and discovered it was the same keychain she gave Dolk as a gift, which seems to clinch things. She also tells them about their friendship: Dolk helped Lisa as a newbie member of C2, and in return, she helped Dolk deal with the fact that he’s naturally forgetful, and sort of doofus.

Setting up a plot element for later, we flashback to a scene where young Lisa hurt someone using her Kigen Arts, and she had a breakdown. Dolk comforted her, but also reminded her that her powers weren’t meant to be used to harm. Ai intuits that Lisa may have been in love with Dolk, and we gradually learn that she’s correct!