Day: June 14, 2018

Final Fantasy Tactics – Bad Guy Bellyflop

fft-2018-06-11-22h33m19s661Battle 43: Fort Besselat

Unusually, and in fact uniquely, Fort Besselat offers you the choice between two alternate battlefields, at either the North or South gate. I chose the North, as it was the second item in the list and hell, I figured less people have seen it as a consequence. (Footnote: it’s odd that it’s the second option, seeing as how Ramza is approaching from the north and all!). The South wall apparently takes place in a gutter-like area with high walls on both side and two platforms in the middle, but the North involves an attack on a tall tower.

Say, uh… aren’t these walls supposed to hold out the entire Order of the Northern Sky? You know, during an active siege? Why am I able to attack them and not bring down a defending force at least a few dozen Southern Sky soldiers mistaking us for a Nothern Sky spies trying to sneak in and open the gate? Why not hundreds of defenders? FFT has actually done a half-decent job convincing me that Ramza really should be fighting only a half-dozen enemies in almost all of the past 50 battles, but this time? I don’t believe it for a second!