Day: May 13, 2018

Final Fantasy Unlimited – Raise Your Hand if You Thought It Was Spelled “Cactaur”

ffu-2018-05-12-13h51m58s589Chapter 20 – Yu: The Secret of Gaudium

It’s a few days later, and Ai is still mooning over Clear. This is also upsetting for Yu, especially because neither Ai nor Kaze will give him any details about what happened in the previous episode! Yu isn’t talking long before Cid flies in, riding Clear’s glove, which can fly just like the name “flying water” implies. Ai is angry at him stealing the glove away while she was staring into space, and takes it back. But enough reminiscing about Episode 19: Fungo gives a warning and the ocean puzzle shifts to start today’s activities.

Much to everyone’s dismay, the Jane ends up in a new cube in mid-air and is now plunging through the clouds. After clearing one particular cloudbank, the party stumbles onto none other than… Gaudium! Yeah, Gaudium is here, inside the Ocean Puzzle! It doesn’t really makes sense to me that Gaudium could have been inside the puzzle before now, and there were never any hints that that was the case, so it makes me wonder if the production team moved it here after they got word they were going to be cancelled, just to rush things along?