Day: April 26, 2018

Final Fantasy Tactics – You’re Under Arrest for Grinding

The game led out of the previous scene via a text overlay that appeared over top of the image of Goltanna’s war room. I haven’t mentioned these overlays in much detail before, so I have to say: they’re really hard to read! They’re written on top of the current scene with a translucent, sepia background layer instead of a flat colour, and it’s just such a mess. Sepia makes whites more white, blurring out the white text! In any event, the overlay is written from Ramza’s perspective, and he explains that he was headed to the royal capital in Lesalia to speak to one of his brothers – the nicer brother – and try to convince them that there was a conspiracy behind the war. When the game returned control to the two of us, we found Ramza in the city of Dorter, not far south from Lesalia. While we were here, I noticed that the monastery where we had met Ovelia had been removed from the map. Hm. We returned to our menu and reverted Ramza to Thief so he could back to work on grinding. We also got Agrias Move +1 and converted Arthur to Dragoon, though we had to buy him a spear before we could move on.

At this point, we did a lot of shopping and Errands, revisiting the entire map in the process. Yes, all of it. We got in plenty of random encounters fights, but mostly it was Errand after Errand for month after month of pacing in circles. I’m not going to address our random encounters, but please be aware that I’m skipping a little more than two hours and fifteen minutes of sidequesting, during which Ramza alone gained 6 levels, so it was hardly negligible.