Day: April 22, 2018

Final Fantasy Unlimited – A Game of Filler

ffu-2018-04-20-04h57m45s837Chapter 14 – Omega: Reunion and Departure

Outside Gaudium, we get our first look at the flying fortress’ defences. Remember the flying human hearts? It seems they form the four corners of a sort of energy shield. Good redundancy! It only covers a fraction of the fortress, but I imagine it can move, which is all you need against a party of RPG heroes in a single airship. Wouldn’t do so well against an entire air force, but it’s a good start.

The episode begins with Oscha confirming what Chapter 13 had only hinted at: that Chaos felt satisfied at the end of Chapter 13 because of Fungus’ death, not some other reason. The Earl reiterates that he’s “full” (done eating) as well, in case you’re having trouble drawing the line between the Earl and Chaos. In any event, Herba confirms that Fungus is dead, which I suppose needed confirming, and Oscha suggests they have a little eldritch-abomination-viewing party in “Chaos’ room.”