Day: April 1, 2018

Final Fantasy Unlimited – It Goes On and On

ffu-2018-03-30-20h59m43s978Episode 9 – Oscha: The Endless Project

I’m afraid today’s post is going to be short. My reasoning: two upcoming episodes, 12 and 13, are a two-parter and I want them to be in their own spotlight post. Unfortunately, if I combined Eps 9-11 into one post to get to that point, it would go way over my self-imposed word limit for Final Fantasy posts, so I’ve decided to let Ep 9 stand on its own. It seems like a better choice than Ep 11, considering that Ep 9 is actually one of my favourite episodes in the show! That is not an April Fool’s joke, I actually think about this episode a lot. It’s weird, but it’s – shall we say? – artistically weird. If you can believe that.