Day: February 25, 2018

Final Fantasy Unlimited – It’s A-Me! Fungus!

Episode 2 – Magun: Man of the Black Wind

Episode 2 opens by repeating parts of Episode 1’s ending, as it continues directly from the previous episode. I suppose this makes sense, but this is followed by Fabula recapping the events on the previous episode, like she will in every episode to come, meaning we get the same information twice? That’s Fabula on the left, by the way.

Oh, footnote: from this point on, I largely won’t be mentioning Fabula’s intros and outros, since she doesn’t really add to the experience. Bye Fabula! So glad I introduced you!

We don’t actually start the events of Episode 2 until we’ve gone through three minutes of recap and credits, where we return to the cliff side from the end of Episode 1, where Kaze’s Magun has closed back into a cylinder. Seeing this, he turns directly away from the trio, and walks away. What an essential continuation!

Lisa and the kids get back to the top of the cliff, where Lisa prevents the kids from following Kaze. Yu obeys, but starts shouting at Kaze that they’re all looking for someone, so why not team up? This provokes a memory in Kaze of a white-haired man, which shocks him so much that he stops dead, giving Ai an excuse to say “Oh now you’ve done it, Yu. He stopped and he’ll probably come back and shoot us!” Okay, that makes up for the recap a little.