Day: February 22, 2018

Final Fantasy Tactics – Heroically Cowardly Rescue

fft-2018-02-20-03h02m36s378After the second battle, the game threw us on to the map screen and asked us to march to the northwest. Um… aren’t we… you know… at a school or something? A school in this town? Shouldn’t we be staying at school? It turned out that we were actually following some interrupted, half-spoken orders that were given to us by our teacher before he got news of the bandits, which should have been better handled. Kyle outright had to tell me to go back to Gariland so that we could do some shopping, because the game did such a poor job of telling you that that’s an option. Along with the fact that the tutorial was only now unlocked, and the way that the game had for some reason declared Ramza an independently operating party leader of this group of students, with a war chest and everything (2500 extra money!), it kind of made me feel like I was missing a cutscene or three. (more…)