Day: February 18, 2018

Final Fantasy Unlimited – The Man with the Summon Gun

Final Fantasy Unlimited – or “FUF,” as I want to call it, considering its logo – was a Final Fantasy TV show that ran for 25 episodes from October 2001 to March 2002. The show, produced by Studio Gonzo, was supposed to run longer, but its budget was garroted in a back alley by the failure of The Spirits Within and the financial implosion Square went through as a consequence. Unlimited’s release overlaps with the NA release of the FFX (it debuted after the game in Japan), so we’ll be putting it between FFIX and X in our archives. It also overlaps Mega Man Marathon game Mega Man Battle Network 1.

I suppose if we had wanted to be strictly chronological, we could have held off on watching FFU until we were done The Spirits Within (the immediately previous Final Fantasy product), but there was no force in the world that could have convinced Kyle and I to watch twelve and a half hours of bad TV in one session. Instead, we started watching FFU during meal breaks somewhere in the middle of our playthrough of FFV if I’m remembering correctly, and carried on well until the days of FFVIII. Bear in mind that that span of games includes not just FFVI, VII and Tactics, but also the entire Compilation of FFVII and the overextended Persona 1 nightmare, and you can probably guess that we didn’t catch every meal break. The updates themselves went up on the blog alongside our coverage of FFT.