Final Fantasy Returns! And Other Updates

Okay, so for starters: on Friday morning, I’m going to be posting four blog posts as part of A Crystal Compendium, a Final Fantasy collaboration project with several other bloggers.  They’re all on games I’ve already covered, though my perspective is a few years older than the original Journals.  If you’re a Final Fantasy fan, even if you aren’t here for my Final Fantasy posts, consider checking out the collaboration for coverage of other Final Fantasy games by other bloggers!

Second: Final Fantasy updates will be returning, or at least to whatever degree I can manage.  The intent is to post every Thursday once again, starting with a post later today (before the collab posts go up on Friday).  Since the start of the hiatus, Kyle and I have played through FFT and FFVIII, and I have write-ups for both.  Once those run out, I intend to post in-progress Journals about whatever we play next (either FFIX or Persona 2: Innocent Sin), and so on until we yet again run out of content.

I may also consider running coverage of Final Fantasy Unlimited on Sundays, since Kyle and I finished that as well. My reasoning for Sundays is: this is a gaming blog. Covering an OVA or a movie for a few weeks isn’t so bad, but FFU is twenty-three episodes long.  And once I’m posting off-schedule, there’s no need to wait for its original release date.  In for a pound, and all that. On the other hand, it might be nice to save FFU for when we run out of content again.  I haven’t decided yet but will hopefully make up my mind by either this Sunday or the next.  Keep an eye out on the usual channels.

Kingdom Hearts updates are not returning from hiatus at this time.  While Final Fantasy updates can be put out even after a single play session, I’m of the mind that Retrospectives should be thoroughly edited from end-to-end, and they need to be deeper researched and need to include deeper analysis as well.  Furthermore, while I’m still a Kingdom Hearts fan, I’m not an active part of the KH fandom any longer, and so there hasn’t been much drive to work on the project, recent trailers aside.  Meanwhile, writing Final Fantasy Journals isn’t just simpler, but it’s over ten years’ established habit by now.  So that’s where things stand.

So, to repeat: one Final Fantasy Tactics post later today, four posts on previously covered games on Friday (plus links to others by other bloggers), and possibly a Final Fantasy Unlimited post on Sunday.  I hope to see you there!


  1. Wow, here I was thinking I’d never see this blog update again! Good to have you back, and I look forward to reading your material going forward. 🙂

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