Month: February 2018

Final Fantasy Unlimited – It’s A-Me! Fungus!

Episode 2 – Magun: Man of the Black Wind

Episode 2 opens by repeating parts of Episode 1’s ending, as it continues directly from the previous episode. I suppose this makes sense, but this is followed by Fabula recapping the events on the previous episode, like she will in every episode to come, meaning we get the same information twice? That’s Fabula on the left, by the way.

Oh, footnote: from this point on, I largely won’t be mentioning Fabula’s intros and outros, since she doesn’t really add to the experience. Bye Fabula! So glad I introduced you!

We don’t actually start the events of Episode 2 until we’ve gone through three minutes of recap and credits, where we return to the cliff side from the end of Episode 1, where Kaze’s Magun has closed back into a cylinder. Seeing this, he turns directly away from the trio, and walks away. What an essential continuation!

Lisa and the kids get back to the top of the cliff, where Lisa prevents the kids from following Kaze. Yu obeys, but starts shouting at Kaze that they’re all looking for someone, so why not team up? This provokes a memory in Kaze of a white-haired man, which shocks him so much that he stops dead, giving Ai an excuse to say “Oh now you’ve done it, Yu. He stopped and he’ll probably come back and shoot us!” Okay, that makes up for the recap a little.


Final Fantasy Tactics – Heroically Cowardly Rescue

After the second battle, the game threw us on to the map screen and asked us to march to the northwest. Um… aren’t we… you know… at a school or something? A school in this town? Shouldn’t we be staying at school? It turned out that we were actually following some interrupted, half-spoken orders that were given to us by our teacher before he got news of the bandits, which should have been better handled. Kyle outright had to tell me to go back to Gariland so that we could do some shopping, because the game did such a poor job of telling you that that’s an option. Along with the fact that the tutorial was only now unlocked, and the way that the game had for some reason declared Ramza an independently operating party leader of this group of students, with a war chest and everything (2500 extra money!), it kind of made me feel like I was missing a cutscene or three.


Final Fantasy Unlimited – The Man with the Summon Gun

Final Fantasy Unlimited – or “FUF,” as I want to call it, considering its logo – was a Final Fantasy TV show that ran for 25 episodes from October 2001 to March 2002. The show, produced by Studio Gonzo, was supposed to run longer, but its budget was garroted in a back alley by the failure of The Spirits Within and the financial implosion Square went through as a consequence. Unlimited’s release overlaps with the NA release of the FFX (it debuted after the game in Japan), so we’ll be putting it between FFIX and X in our archives. It also overlaps Mega Man Marathon game Mega Man Battle Network 1.

I suppose if we had wanted to be strictly chronological, we could have held off on watching FFU until we were done The Spirits Within (the immediately previous Final Fantasy product), but there was no force in the world that could have convinced Kyle and I to watch twelve and a half hours of bad TV in one session. Instead, we started watching FFU during meal breaks somewhere in the middle of our playthrough of FFV if I’m remembering correctly, and carried on well until the days of FFVIII. Bear in mind that that span of games includes not just FFVI, VII and Tactics, but also the entire Compilation of FFVII and the overextended Persona 1 nightmare, and you can probably guess that we didn’t catch every meal break. The updates themselves went up on the blog alongside our coverage of FFT.


Final Fantasy Tactics – Akademy of Warfare, Magick, and Soul-Sukking

(For a quick update on recent posts and other blog news, see here.)

Final Fantasy Tactics was first released in 1997 in Japan to great acclaim, and was later released in 1998 in the west to poor localization. I’ve seen some call it the second-worst localization in the series, after the awful PSX localization of FFV. Thankfully, I don’t have to experience it, since the game was tidily re-localized in 2007 with the subtitle “War of the Lions” for the PSP. We’ll be playing the PSP release, even though the game has also been released on iOS and we might have been better off with that, but what the hell, the PSP’s easier to get on the big screen. Once again, as with all the big PSX Final Fantasy games, this is my first experience with the game, but Kyle was familiar with it from the original release.


Final Fantasy Returns! And Other Updates

Okay, so for starters: on Friday morning, I’m going to be posting four blog posts as part of A Crystal Compendium, a Final Fantasy collaboration project with several other bloggers.  They’re all on games I’ve already covered, though my perspective is a few years older than the original Journals.  If you’re a Final Fantasy fan, even if you aren’t here for my Final Fantasy posts, consider checking out the collaboration for coverage of other Final Fantasy games by other bloggers!

Second: Final Fantasy updates will be returning, or at least to whatever degree I can manage.  The intent is to post every Thursday once again, starting with a post later today (before the collab posts go up on Friday).  Since the start of the hiatus, Kyle and I have played through FFT and FFVIII, and I have write-ups for both.  Once those run out, I intend to post in-progress Journals about whatever we play next (either FFIX or Persona 2: Innocent Sin), and so on until we yet again run out of content.

I may also consider running coverage of Final Fantasy Unlimited on Sundays, since Kyle and I finished that as well. My reasoning for Sundays is: this is a gaming blog. Covering an OVA or a movie for a few weeks isn’t so bad, but FFU is twenty-three episodes long.  And once I’m posting off-schedule, there’s no need to wait for its original release date.  In for a pound, and all that. On the other hand, it might be nice to save FFU for when we run out of content again.  I haven’t decided yet but will hopefully make up my mind by either this Sunday or the next.  Keep an eye out on the usual channels.

Kingdom Hearts updates are not returning from hiatus at this time.  While Final Fantasy updates can be put out even after a single play session, I’m of the mind that Retrospectives should be thoroughly edited from end-to-end, and they need to be deeper researched and need to include deeper analysis as well.  Furthermore, while I’m still a Kingdom Hearts fan, I’m not an active part of the KH fandom any longer, and so there hasn’t been much drive to work on the project, recent trailers aside.  Meanwhile, writing Final Fantasy Journals isn’t just simpler, but it’s over ten years’ established habit by now.  So that’s where things stand.

So, to repeat: one Final Fantasy Tactics post later today, four posts on previously covered games on Friday (plus links to others by other bloggers), and possibly a Final Fantasy Unlimited post on Sunday.  I hope to see you there!