Day: July 1, 2017

Kingdom Hearts BBS – The March to 100%

bbs-2017-06-11-23h09m27s276At this point, I’m going to address late-game content that appears in all of the three characters’ folders. Bear in mind that these sorts of things should be done before moving on to the Final Chapter that I mentioned briefly earlier in the Retrospective. While the Final Chapter does have some access to main-game content, including the Mirage Arena, I don’t actually recommend that any players do any optional play in the Final Chapter, as it’s an invitation to disaster. Should you do grinding, questing, or anything of any substance in the Final Chapter, you run the risk of learning that you’re locked out of some post-game bonus because its criteria is no longer available in the Final Chapter, and all that work will go to waste. Ideally, players should use the Final Chapter to follow the Final Chapter’s story and nothing else. (more…)