Kingdom Hearts BBS – Voice Actor’s Guild Violation

So did anyone else ever notice that no one checks your lifetime pass to Disney Town, orrrr…?

Aqua arrives in Disney Town and immediately runs into another of those unidentifiable heroes they apparently have running around like mice. Let’s see… first it was Captain Justice, then it was Captain Dark, and this is… oh my goodness, ladies and gentlemen, may I present actual voice actor Jim Cummings, walking onto the scene in lifelike 3D!

Cummings, voiced of course by Corey Burton, is some sort of master of disguise mixed with a superhero. There have been plenty of fan theories about his identity, but none have ever been officially confirmed by yeah, okay, fine it’s just Captain Justice again. I was actually going to do this whole thing where I pasted Jim Cummings’ face over Captain Justice’s face in all the screenshots? But it turns out I’m terrible at even basic Photoshopping. So anyways. Captain Justice. Who the hell is this guy? Any why didn’t the devs come up with a third wrestler/superhero for this third storyline? I know the game’s got a darkness versus light dichotomy going on, and it doesn’t fit into the whole kayfabe thing the two Captains have going, but c’mon!

Aqua apparently isn’t impressed by our celebrity cameo, but their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Horace Horsecaller, making his first appearance in full colour. He’s also voiced by our old friend Bill Farmer, otherwise the voice of Goofy. Horsecaller explains that “those annoying monsters” have shown up to disrupt his mini-game. I don’t know why he’s complaining, because other Unversed are registered as regular competitors in his mini-game, but gosh darn it if they want to join up twice, they have to fill out two separate entry forms or we’ll be forced to throw them out!

Captain Justice is too afraid of the Unversed to challenge them, and makes his excuses to run away. The voice actor signal! Quick, to the Pooh Cave!

Aqua calls herself “nothing like a hero” but offers to help all the same, and Horace explains that she’s got to beat the Unversed team in his minigame, Fruitball. Or, um… “Fruit Scatter,” as it is called on the giant, unmissable, English-language banner hanging over the road that leads to the game, making me wonder just what the localization team are playing at.

Once you’re ready to play Horace’s game, he explains the rules. Or on the other hand, forget the rules! Fruitball is so chaotic that understanding the rules doesn’t help as much as you’d honestly expect. In practice, Fruitball confines two teams to halves of a tennis-court-looking arena. The game then starts chucking in oversized fruit at both sides: apples, pineapples, watermelons, and disturbingly spherical clusters of bananas and grapes. Both teams have to hit the fruit towards the other side of the field via either straight shots, bank shots or spikes. Occasionally, nets appear in the middle of the arena to complicate the game. The objective is to knock fruit into constantly moving vollyball nets at the backs of the arena – are you keeping with me? Because I understand this isn’t exactly science class here – to score the most points in three minutes. You can also hit your opponents with the fruit in hopes of stunning them, accidentally or intentionally. Spiking almost exclusively hits your opponents, by the way.

While watermelons and pineapples are basically identical, the other fruit are unusual. Apples don’t seem to be able to stun anyone. Grapes and bananas will eventually split into individual fruits: banana peels will stay on the ground and trip up players, while grapes become a number of loose balls, each worth a point if they land in the net even though the cluster was only worth one!

Your first opponents and the ones causing Horace such concern are Shoegazers, who can only be played as part of Aqua’s storyline. Once they’re defeated (which should happen easily), you can move on to the main tournament available to all characters. Your first opponents are Bruisers. Second are Chip and Dale, whom as you can imagine are fairly hard to hit! The final opponent is Captain Justice (for Ven and Aqua) or Captain Dark (for Terra). Defeating one of the captains will win you the unique Shotlock “Chaos Snake,” which isn’t honesty very good but is the only prize worth coming for. Note that Fruitball is not available in the Mirage Arena or in multiplayer.

Well that was a lot shorter than Ven and Terra’s minigames! Conveniently, Aqua gets more story than her brothers, if only by default. I’ll explain what I mean in a moment.

After the minigame, Horace thanks you and Queen Minnie arrives with – oh hey, Pluto! One of these days, I’m going to remember Pluto. As soon as Aqua learns Minnie is the Queen, she’s on her knee at once, but Minnie soon invites her to stand. Minnie then confesses that she’s afraid something might go wrong at the festival, and Horace mentions the king leaving like he did, the only time anyone will do anything of the sort! By the way, whoever animated Horace really went the extra mile, giving him all sorts of animations like standing at attention when Minnie arrives, bowing and shaking hands. He really outclasses the other Disney Town characters in this regard!

After the usual repeat information about the Million Dreams Award, we actually get to the moment where the award is presented, which happens only during Aqua’s storyline. But here’s a curiosity: after clearing all three storylines, all future plays on the same console with any character will feature the Million Dreams Award, and not just Aqua! I can only guess at this, but I suspect that the cutscene was only supposed to show for whichever character you played last, but they ended up running into technical problems and instead unlocked the alternate cutscenes in this peculiar matter!

There isn’t exactly a big audience for the Million Dreams award, a crowd that looks all the thinner considering that three are small children and two are very small chipmunks (in the screenshot above, you can’t even see one of the ducks!). Horace decides to start a discussion, asking who everyone thinks is going to win. Well, you’re all standing in distinct groups so it’s pretty easy for me to count the votes based on everyone’s promises. It seems that, by all rights, Ven should win! The three ducks pledged their vote to him, the two chipmunks to Terra, and Horace pledged to Aqua. The numbers are very clear! Okay, technically only Chip and Dale discuss their votes in this scene, so it’s possible that despite their ardent promises, the duck siblings or Horace might have changed their votes, but I don’t get that impression even if the ducks hope out loud that they might have won. Ultimately, this is all another problem caused by KH’s constant lack of NPCs, even if this town does have a lot of NPCs by the series’ standards!

Minnie gets up on the stage with an entirely silent Daisy Duck. She then announces that – and I can only conclude that invisible townspeople voted in this too – that the result is a three-way tie between Terra, Aqua and Ven! Your character is less surprised by the award than the news that their siblings were here, Terra even holding out hope that they’re here right now, but the happy festivities are interrupted when Captain Justice charges the stage, demanding a recount! But when no one admits to voting for him, or for that matter Captain Dark, Minnie is forced to lecture him, though she admits that “he” got a few votes. Very confusing use of the singular, considering there’s two separate characters and one guest voice actor here, I just don’t understand. When Captain Justice demands the prize, legitimate win or not, Minnie announces that this is beyond the pall and orders him arrested for troublemaking, throwing him into Intergalactic Space Prison on an indefinite sentence. What a shocking end to our celebrity guest appearance. Tsk.

Minnie continues the ceremony and tries to deliver the award to the three winners, even though the crowd is so thin that it’s obvious that only one of them is present (Terra continues the thread of him hoping the others might be there by only now noticing that they’re absent!). She then presents them with the award, and to add “a bonus” (even though, as far as I can tell, this is the only prize that Pete could have wanted and must be the actual award?), Minnie offers a flavour of ice cream that was created just for the winner. As it happens, this is actually an ice cream you can make/buy at the ice cream shop, though your character eats it on the spot and you don’t get it in your inventory, nor does it unlock in the ice cream shop if it wasn’t already. The prize is purely narrative.. Terra wins the Rockin’ Crunch ice cream, which normally activates his starting Command Style Rockbreaker; Ventus gets Double Crunch ice cream, which would normally activate Wingblade; and Aqua gets Royalberry ice cream, which would normally activate Bladecharge. I just think it’s nice and unique how the devs chose such an eclectic mix of ice creams to give to everyone, with no correlation to any specific “kind” of Command Style! The devs must have just picked their favourite designs! I suppose the real congratulations should go to the winning artists!

In an outro cutscene that also plays for everyone on later playthroughs, we find Celebrity Voice Actor Jim Cummings now locked in Interdimensional Space Prison… which appears to just be the world map without any worlds on it? Wow, it’s always really weird looking at a space that was only designed to be seen from one angle in full 3D! As he rants, Celebrity Voice Actor Susan Blakeslee begins speaking into his mind and seduces him to evil, setting up the plot of Evil Voice Actors 2.3 Final Mix. Funny how neither of them ever showed up in the series again.

All joking aside, this is the last we see of either character in BBS, their plot line existing purely for prequel purposes and essentially left hanging.


Not much to say here, but I’d like to point out an apparently little-known fact: one of Aqua’s stickers, the one depicting Daisy, was moved between the International Vanilla and Japanese FM releases, found just outside the racetrack. In Vanilla, you essentially have to go up to the high platforms via the pinball machine and try to drop onto the high Sticker from above, and if you fail you have to walk all the way back! In FM, it was moved closer to the racetrack entrance and can easily be reached from within the room itself, with no need to go to the pinball machine. Very generous!

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This retrospective’s screenshots come from Spazbo4’s longplay of the 2.5 HD version of Birth By Sleep: Final Mix at World of Longplays (YouTube).


  1. Ok ok that’s enough with the joking around for Pete! I know it’s him underneath the masks but you keep playing dumb, so spill, why the continued ignorance with both of his captain identities?

    1. Wow, in a stunning twist, it was revealed today that Captain Justice was unmasked as Pete…’s twin brother Zeke! Wow, that’s remarkable, he doesn’t even have a Disney Wiki page, look at Square Enix appealing to the Disney niche, you see something new every day!

      1. Ugh, why do I even bother with this Joker? Look, if you check Pete’s KH wiki page for BBS, you can clearly see that he, Captain Justice, and Captain Dark are all really just the same guy trying to get votes for both of his super identities just so he could be famous in town.

  2. That Sneaky Pete’s nowhere around, the puss!

    In any case, this is probably my least favorite world in the series personally. The inevitable question is, what’s yours?

    Did you see the new KH trailer? Japanese James Woods was pretty good, and I can’t wait for them to unviel the E3 details.

    Lastly, have you talked about fragmented keys,, and I just forgot, or are you saving that for a future tie ins page?

    1. Hmm, least favourite world in a single game is probably the near-featureless Neverland from Days. The concept of map-hopping as the story goes along isn’t so bad, but who cares when only the first map is at all interesting?

      But if we’re talking appearances across all games, it becomes harder. Most of the one-time-appearance worlds aren’t that bad, and most of the multiple-appearance worlds have one stellar appearance in another game to pick them back up. It’s probably going to have to go to Atlantica.

      As for Fragmented Keys, nah. As it happens, I’ve already settled on a blog policy not to cover unfinished games unless it’s a brief fun fact or a Blizzard Entertainment-esque missing link catastrophe. GRIN’s unfinished Ivalice game, Fortress, also gets the chopping block.

      1. Ah, so if, say, a Frozen world or a wreck it Ralph world were to appear in a new game, then it would be worth talking about as a fun fact then, I get cha.

        Tieing in to this world buisness Im thinking part of the reason it takes so long to have a new game, is because there are so many potential worlds available, with new movies coming out making it tempting to include them. I think this is why we get so many retreads across a lot of the nintendo console spinoffs.

      2. Bingo!

        Ugh, maybe, Disney is one of those companies that can be tight-fisted with its properties one year and then bountiful the next. Maybe it has something to do with whatever manager is in charge that year?

  3. Stop pretending, you mind-controlled blind schlubs! How much longer are going to keep up this joke, it’s getting on my last nerves!…Unless…you’re really cartoon characters from Disney Land or Metropolis contractually obligated to not realize the difference between Pete and his disguises! I knew it!!!

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