Day: June 6, 2017

Kingdom Hearts BBS – The Words of a Credible Man

Aqua arrives at the Enchanted Dominion just outside Maleficent’s gate, and the very moment she arrives she sees Aurora’s heart flying out of the castle and back to her body! While we can’t be sure if Aqua recognized the flying ball of light a disembodied heart even with her specialized training, this is clearly an odd thing, and Aqua decides to investigate.

After fighting her way past Maleficent’s Goons, Aqua finds herself in the throne room at the very end of Ven’s boss fight against Maleficent. To repeat: Maleficent accuses Terra of doing something awful, and Aqua concludes that this must be a lie despite having heard none of the evidence or even a half-adequate summary. Aqua ignores Maleficent even when she tries to goad her, and urges Ven to come home despite her resolution about Ven being ready to leave home just real-world seconds ago, and Ven runs off instead, protesting about Terra and it being almost “too late.”