Day: June 3, 2017

Kingdom Hearts BBS – Imaginary Snoring

You’re not going to be surprised that Aqua wraps up the story of Dwarf Woodlands, considering that it was left unresolved after Terra and Ven’s stories, and moreover, finishing plots is what Aqua’s going to do something like 4 times out of 5. But you might be surprised exactly where she picks this one up!

This world begins with Queen Grimhilde in her witch disguise, violating Snow White’s personal space. As per the film, she is tempting Snow White with a poisoned apple, and as per the film, Snow White tries it. When Aqua arrives on the world, we learn this to have been a flashback, as she finds the Dwarfs grieving at Snow White’s glass coffin. Yes, after being late to the Castle of Dreams only under close observation, Aqua is explicitly too late in her arrival to the Dwarf Woodlands, arriving after Snow White’s death! And Grimhilde’s death too, as the dwarfs soon imply! What a tremendous thing to just skip! The missing period was later adapted into KHX, because… well why was it even skipped to begin with? If you had to copy a Disney plot so thoroughly, why would you cut the action sequence from your Action RPG?