Day: May 25, 2017

Final Fantasy VII – Full-On Criticism? On MY Blog?

ffvii-2017-04-17-17h08m59s725Reaching out to Kyle for some final thoughts on FFVII, he reiterated a frequent complaint of his (starting in FFVI and going into games to come) that the level of customization in FFVII ultimately eliminates what could have made the various characters unique, making them easily forgettable blank slates that aren’t required after you’ve customized three that work for you. As for the narrative, he remarked that “before [when it was still the 90s] I didn’t really care to think about the inconsistencies the plot had,” but now he couldn’t ignore them. Kyle also pointed out that a certain plot detail from Advent Children (and the short stories) also undermines FFVII’s plot and makes much of it pointless, which we’ll get to in more detail during our coverage of AC. Now, you might think sounds like a problem with Advent Children and not FFVII, but the thing he’s talking about is actually rooted in common sense and Advent Children did nothing worse than point out FFVII’s flaws in that regard, so I still feel like it applies, even though I’d rather hold off on it until later. (more…)