Day: May 23, 2017

Kingdom Hearts BBS – Wet Adventures in Righteous Killing

bbs-2017-04-14-08h03m16s351When I finished first-drafting Ven and Terra’s stories, I measured their initial word-count and was surprised to find that they were only separated by around 5000 words (approximately two blog posts) despite the sheer amount of asset re-use between the two stories. Remember: even though Ven and Terra’s stories were careful not to step in one another’s footsteps for the first four worlds, they were basically piggy-backing for the last four. I do not expect Aqua’s story to go on for quite so long, which is why I’m using her section for all the remaining bonus stuff. This short length isn’t strictly an Aqua problem. No matter which order I took, the last character was always going to have the least content simply as a matter of repetition! If you break it down, it’s clear that Ven has the most unique content, what with his near-exclusive access to Cinderella’s house in the Castle of Dreams. On the opposite end of the scale, Aqua and Terra have just short of a half-dozen unique rooms between them, if I’m not forgetting any! And half of those unique rooms are just boss rooms or save points!

I’m not even afraid to spoil Aqua’s story by summarizing the unique rooms, take a look! Terra’s three unique rooms are 1 + 2) in Castle of Dreams: the hallway and save room leading to the balcony, and 3) Stitch’s prison in Deep Space, a boss room. Aqua’s two unique rooms are: 1) a save point in Enchanted Dominion, 2) a large room in Never Land. Oh, and Aqua gets to see the foyer of Tremaine Manor during a cutscene, but she can’t actually play there, so let’s say that’s… five and a half? That’s it! I am going to have very, very little to talk about until we get to the Final Episode. But we might as well get started! (more…)